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No mission is too small or too big for us

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Haparanda Fjärrtransporter

Our main business area is transport by road within Sweden and the Nordic countries. Thanks to a wide network of reliable partners, we also offer transport services to the rest of Europe.

We are fluent in Swedish, Finnish, English and Norwegian in speech and writing, which makes us a unique link between senders and recipients in different countries.

We conduct transport and logistics operations based in Haparanda, northern Sweden near the border to Finland. Our strategic location in the middle of the North Calotte makes us a central point in a transport hub between Sweden, Finland, Norway and traffic to the rest of the Nordic countries


Our strength

No mission is too small or too big for us. We are a flexible transport supplier. Based on our customers’ needs, we tailor energy-efficient transportation and logistics solutions with high quality and good service.

Our services are:



We solve your challenges based on your terms, no matter how big or how small they are.

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We’re always available for our customers and offers you a great customer service.

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Our transports are carried out in a safe manner. All deliveries take place within the specified time frame in perfect condition

Brand promise

Our goal is to always exceed our customers’ expectations. Customer satisfaction and safety are our main focus and a prerequisite for a long-term partnership. Based on your needs, we tailor energy-efficient transport and logistics solutions with high quality.

Our transport services are:


Energy efficient

Transport is a prerequisite for a modern society, at the same time as it burdens our environment. We minimize the negative effect by utilizing the full capacity of our load carriers and investing in modern vehicles and fuels.

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Performed in a safe manner

In our road safety work, we take into account everything from emissions and property damage to the work environment. Our transports are carried out in such a way that your goods arrive in perfect condition without affecting others on the road.


Delivered within the specified tima frame in perfect condition

We deliver your goods in perfect condition, within the specified time frame, to the desired location, at the promised price. Flexible, easy and safe!

Flexible, simple and safe